August 12, 2021

Lively Paws Case Study

Lively Paws is a dog supplements brand that helps dogs to reach their optimal health. As a brand, they solve three different problems: joint pain, digestion & stress/anxiety.

The market is currently full of ineffective products that lack active ingredients and are not developed for a dog's digestion system.

The Lively Paws team noticed that many people have issues finding good supplements for their pets because it's ineffective, the dog doesn't take the pill, or the dog's stomach rejects the supplement.

Therefore, they decided to solve these problems by creating an effective working supplement that dogs & their digestion system would love. 


They needed help launching the brand and then scaling it. As the team wanted to do everything in-house, they needed proper guidance on how to do it the right way to reach the results as fast as possible.


In a few meetings, I explained how they should approach their media buying and where the majority of their focus should be.

Ad Buying - keeping the structure simple, so it would be easy to start and scale once the account is ready. 

Ad Creatives & Content - this is where most of the attention needed to go. Creating well-performing ads & copy requires extensive research, so I helped them understand their target audience, pain points, and trigger elements. Once we had understood that, we focussed on getting content from influencers & actors so they could start testing different ideas and storyboards faster.

After a few months of constant research & testing of different angles, the Lively Paws team had found a few angles that helped them scale the account from $0 to over $70k in monthly revenue.


We have scaled the brand from $0 to over $70k in monthly revenue with 2.5-3.5x ROI in about two months of working together. I am still consulting them and helping them reach the seven-figure monthly mark.

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