August 12, 2021

Sleekier Case Study

Sleekier, a haircare brand, focuses primarily on solving dandruff or dry flakes problems in women.  

There is one big issue in a market like this: most of the available solutions for women suffering from flakes are chemical-based and helps you fight dandruff or flakes only while using the products. If you decide to stop, the flakes usually come back, often in a much worse shape. Also, since these products consist of many chemical-based ingredients, they often damage the hair, causing them to dry out & break.

The Sleekier team has noticed this problem & decided to provide the market with a much better solution. 


As with any new e-commerce business, the challenge lies in starting the company in the first place & then keeping it profitable while bootstrapping. Starting from zero, Sleekier was no exception here. As much as profitable growth was our goal, it was also a challenge we had to overcome. 

The other challenge we faced was scaling the company after we became profitable. For Sleekier to scale further successfully, we had to focus on continuously improving the quality of existing products and work on launching new products. 


We used Facebook & Instagram ads as an advertising channel for launching the brand and Klaviyo for building our email list. Later on, we added Snapchat & Google ads as supporting channels mainly for remarketing.

The whole strategy was quite simple. When it comes to finding the right audience, we knew that Facebook is quite smart here & it will find the right audience for us. So all we had to focus on was creating the converting creatives & writing a selling copy for ads & website. Here we invested a lot in researching competitors, understanding the key pain points of the target audience, their triggers, and how we could use that to attract their attention. 

The Launch: Having all of the information from research, we have created several storyboards & angles we wanted to test from the very beginning. We also have prepared ads & landing page copies based on the research. Actors & influencers were hired to create the content that was needed for the storyboards and remarketing ads.

The Stabilization: Once we started running ads, we got a breakeven ROI. This was amazing because we knew that if we can keep this performance, we can spend more on testing different creative and copy angles, which could eventually increase the ROI even further. 

So we tested another 11 storyboards/angles until we found a few ads performing much better than the previous ones. Once we noticed that, we started allocating more budget towards the better working ads, and the whole performance increased to a daily ROI of 2-3.5x. At this point, we realized that the account is now in a stable place & we can start scaling it.  

The Scaling: We couldn't scale the business very fast because we didn't have enough stock to handle a huge growth in a very short period. Therefore, we decided to start scaling slowly and maximize the ROI as much as possible. We used a 20% daily increase/decrease rule to scale the account from 10-20k monthly revenue to over a 100k monthly revenue with 3-3.5x ROI. Again, if it wasn't for the stock issue, we could have grown much faster. As we already grew by 5-6x in just one month, we had to pull the breaks. 


The Sleekier brand grew from $0 to over $100k in monthly revenue in just three months. It's now in a stable place, and as we continue testing new angles & advertising channels, the brand continues to grow further.

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